Welcome to The Tiny Book Nook!

The Tiny Book Nook and it's blog owner/writer is NOT accepting requests for reviews from authors at this time. 

If you are an author with a book currently available for review request on NetGalley, please feel free to send me a link. While I cannot guarantee that I will send a request to the publisher via NetGalley, or that request would be approved, I am grateful for your book suggestion. 

Happy reading! 

Here's a little blurb about me: 

Hi! I'm Jo.
Book lover and cooking enthusiast. Lives with a big fluffy cat who loves naps, sunshine, and growls at strange noises. 

Genres I enjoy reading: contemporary fiction, historical fiction, adult fiction, mystery/thriller, sci-fi/fantasy, memoirs/biographies, humor, children's fiction, and young adult (this does not include paranormal/paranormal romance)

Genres I do not enjoy: erotica, paranormal/teen paranormal romance, and religion.

In addition to books, I love food, traveling, and benevolent people. I have great admiration for teachers. I love the color green and I hate onions.

I am always looking for something new to read, whether it's classic, contemporary, short stories, or biographies.

So feel free to leave your suggestions.

The blog:

This addition to the blogosphere is dedicated to books. From reviews to weekly book events and challenges, this blog is all about the joy of reading, sharing ideas, thoughts, and opinions. If you enjoy books like I do, I hope you will find this blog interesting and fun. 

See Disclaimer page for more information. 

*** Images in the header - a girl reading was courtesy of http://www.book-clipart.com/, a stack of books courtesy of http://www.dailyclipart.net/clipart/stack-of-books-clip-art/


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