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The Tiny Book Nook and it's blog owner/writer is NOT accepting requests for reviews from authors at this time. 

If you are an author with a book currently available for review request on NetGalley, please feel free to send me a link. While I cannot guarantee that I will send a request to the publisher via NetGalley for your book, or that said request would be approved, I am grateful for your book suggestion. 

Happy reading! 


Unless otherwise stated, the books reviewed in this blog are from my personal library, either purchased with my own money or received as gifts from family and friends. 

The books I receive from publishers are not gifts or a form of payment. I accept these books in exchange for honest reviews. I also do not receive any form of payment in exchange for reading these books and reviewing them. 

Also, not every book I receive is reviewed. There are times when a book just doesn't interest me and I can't bring myself to finish it.

Publishers have the right to request to have their books returned to them or permanently deleted from my Kindle once I have finished reading and/or writing my review. If I do not receive such instructions, I will keep the books for myself. 

I do not sell the Advanced Review Copies I receive.


© Jomarie Taban 2011-2018 All Rights Reserved. 

Unless otherwise stated, all book reviews, summaries, and content on The Tiny Book Nook by Jomarie Taban is protected by Copyright. You are NOT allowed to reproduce, redistribute, modify, sell, or create derivative work without permission from me, the author of this blog.

If you want to quote or feature any post, please link back to the original post on The Tiny Book Nook. Do NOT copy and paste the entire post without prior permission.
Please contact me with any questions: jomarie.taban@gmail.com.

If I have used one of your photos without giving proper credit, and you want it removed from this site, please let me know.


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