Monday, November 21, 2011

3 Reviews in 1: The Hunger Games Trilogy

It's taken me a long time to finally sit down and pick up The Hunger Games. In a way, I'm relieved that it worked out this way because then I didn't have to wait for the release of the rest of the series. Cliffhangers are the worst! And I am not a patient person.

First off, I like sci-fi, adventure type of literature. I admit I haven't read a lot of books or stories in this genre but when I do, I enjoy it very much. I devoured the first book and it didn't take me more than two days to finish it.

I love the plot. It was interesting, thrilling and somewhat brutal. But it was not disgusting or unbearable to read. I thought Collins did a fantastic job pacing out the events, making sure to explain the setting and the history of the characters. Katniss Everdeen is my favorite. She's a survivor, strong, resilient, and clever. Although the love triangle was somewhat predictable, I liked it a lot. Peeta's and Katniss' exchanges were fun to read.

As for the second book, Catching Fire, I thought it was also excellent. I was excited to see what the Quarter Quell was going to entail and the visit from President Snow was brilliant, because he was so awful and gross. However, I did feel that the period before the Quarter Quell announcement kind of dragged, with the love triangle, and who's mad at whom. Sure it was significant to the plot but I just really wanted to get the Capitol, meet the other tributes, and arrive at the arena.
When they do finally get there, the events in the arena were excellent. It was heart pounding and exciting, and with just the right amount of mystery. The last sentence of Catching Fire was very good. And I am so glad I did not have to wait for the release of Mockingjay. All I had to do was pick it up from the table.

Moving on to Mockingjay, I was excited to see how the rebellion was going to turn out, the rebels' plans, and who's in charge. And of course, I wanted to know what the hell happened to Peeta. I even liked Katniss' character development in this installment. I've read some people comment on her nervous breakdown, her constant search for isolation in the very busy, highly organized atmosphere of district 13, and they weren't all positive comments. But I thought it was appropriate to her character's development. After all, she was in the arena twice, she's lost allies, friends, her home, and the revolution was only beginning.

If I hadn't purposely searched for book reviews and blog entries about Mockingjay, I think I would have been very surprised by Peeta's and Katniss' reunion. Still, it was good and it leaves you hopeful that there will be more exciting things to come. I also really liked the ending. Overall, finally picking up these books was a great decision.

To be honest, I've been looking for a new series to get into since Harry Potter ended. By no means am I comparing these two. These are separate experiences, the characters and settings are different, and Harry Potter is my childhood. My point is, there are some differences in the kinds of feelings that get stirred up when one reads an entire series as opposed to a single novel. There's more to devour in a series, more time invested; waiting for releases and reading. And if you end up really enjoying the series then you might get attached to the characters more than you would with those in a novel.

I wanted to find a series that I could really get into, something interesting, exciting, and different from the novels I've read this year. And I found it. I'm very happy I read The Hunger Games trilogy. I enjoyed it immensely.

More on the characters later. =)

My ratings: The Hunger Games = 4, Catching Fire = 4, Mockingjay = 4

Have you jumped on the bandwagon? 
Have you read The Hunger Games trilogy? 
Are you excited for the movie(s)?  


  1. nice summary :) i have also read both books you so far posted about and while i thought that "can you keep a secret" is a nice, entertaining, but not too heavy book, i fell absolutely in love with "The hunger games"! it is just an amazing series and i am missing the words to describe it! :) You might like "The mortal instruments" series by cassandra clare as well, just like "the infernal devices" which is the pre-series to "the mortal instruments", they don't have to be read in order however! :) i would love to know what you think :) good luck with your blog <3

  2. books were great read all of them i give 9.5/10 . the movie was horrible though it was nothing like i had imagined, the characters were all wrong! anyways i rate the movie 3/10.


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